Developments in Sealing Technology – DFL108 Polyurethane Static Head Seal

As research and development continues to be at the forefront of product innovation in the sealing industry, it is important that the level of awareness of product development is top of mind amongst seal users. “These days, when production demands are extremely high and pressurized, there is little time for machinery to incur any interruption” says Seal & Gasket Sales Manager, Dulcie Nkambule. “The need to increase the life span and reliability of seals is imperative in order to reduce breakdowns and downtime which can cost companies millions.

As a seal manufacturer, it is our responsibility to ensure our product’s competencies support the operating hours and constraints of our customers.” 

This is one of the reasons why Seal & Gasket Supplies has seen an increase in the manufacture and supply of their polyurethane static head seal, profiled as “DFL108” – an expansion of their product range to create maximum efficiency in cost and operations. The polyurethane static head seal is more increasingly being seen as a replacement of the commonly utilized “o/ring and backup” due to common seal failures where extrusion gaps are present on cylinder heads.

Technical Sales Manager, Riaan De Villiers states that “these failures are common in high pressure systems where the gap for the o/ring to seal is too wide and as a result, the o/ring starts to slide between the barrel and the piston. Or the vibration of the differences in pressure variances starts chewing or nibbling away at the o/ring. This can also sometimes be caused because the o/ring material is too soft, hence why we manufacture the DFL108 in polyurethane which provides large performance advantages over traditional elastomers due to its low compression set and strong resistance to extrusion.” De Villiers adds that “an added benefit is that our advanced manufacturing capabilities allow us to customise our products to our customer’s specific requirements.”

When to use the Static Head Seal, DFL 108:

  • System operating pressure exceeds the limitations of the seal’s extrusion resistance.
  • Pressure spikes in the system exceed normal operating conditions, risking damage to the seal.
  • The use of wear rings has increased the extrusion gap, reducing the seal’s pressure rating to an unacceptable level.
  • The system temperature is high enough to lower the seal’s extrusion resistance to an unacceptable level.
  • Temperature (-54°C to +93°C)
  • Pressure 10,000 psi (688 bar) static

With the acquisition of the Seal Master 700, Seal & Gasket are able to custom manufacture standard profiles according to their customer’s specific requirements. “Developments on seal-life prediction and maintenance, as well as advancements in material technology are taking place at a rapid rate which is why a focus on innovation and product expansion is so important.

We have to work to global standards which require more than just traditional products in order to maintain a competitive edge. While innovation encourages growth and strengthens competition, it is most effective together with customer awareness and understanding” says De Villiers.